About us

Jean-Christophe GUYON et Steven LIBERMANN - équipe VWS

Vintage Watch Story (VWS) is primarily a story of friendship between two watchmaking lovers .

The encounter between : Steven Libermann, discerning collector, investor and businessman, and Jean-Christophe Guyon, a recognized independent expert, experienced spotter also passionate, gave birth to VWS.

Combining their know-how, they decided to share a singular selection "watches with a story, each special, each different " : a disappeared brand, a single model, an unusual genesis ....; there is not little stories. 

At VWS, we rely on a network of watchmakers, auctioneers, collectors and enthusiasts of all kinds around the world.

With us, risk the surprise and pleasure of discovery, without elitism or snobbery. We work both original small pieces as the most beautiful complication watches from top brands.

The important thing for us is, to accompany you from the little desire to the great folly, to give you complete satisfaction, to achieve your dreams and succeed to surprise you ! 

Your trust is our greatest success.