Lip designers

Roger Tallon

R.Tallon, coming from a country where interest in design has always been dominated by ' art décoratif ' , is one of the first and foremost important industrial designers in postwar France. His agency worked on hundreds of totally different projects which gave Design Programmes S.A ( ADSA ) an outstanding and worldwide reputation in a relatively short period. Now ADSA is a subsidiary compagny of Euro RSCG.

1929 Born in Paris, march 6th.

1947/52 Studies Electrical Engineering in Paris.

1951/53 Works as a designer for Studio ' Avas ' Paris.

1953/62 Freelance designer. Works for Catarpillar (machines), General Motors (refrigerators), Derny-Motors etc.. 1957 Teaches the first course ever to be taught in France in industrial Design at the ' Ecole des Arts Appliqués ' in Paris.

1967 Works on the mexico City Underground for CIMT.Produces his first sketches for the corporate identity system of the TGV.

1973 Establishes the design agency ' design Programmes SA ' featuring himself as industrial designer, Pierre Paulin as interior designer and specialist in furniture (Artifort).

1974 A new series of watches, ' Mach 2000 ', is developed for LIP, France. 1975 Designs the unusually futuristic ' Corail ' train. 1982 A series of watches for Certina, Switzerland, is developed.

1984 Formation of Architectural design SA and partners (ADSA)

1986 Series of watches, ' Mach 2000 ', is developed for ( LIP ) SMH-Kiplé, France. 1992 Designs for the Eurotunnel project.

François de Baschmakoff

Studied at the ' Ecole de Metiers d' Art' and at the ' Ecole des Beaux Arts ' in Paris. He made illustrations for fashion magazines and comics, wrote stories and made sketches for 'les nouvelles litteraires'. He worked for Printemps and Witzig, He was a famous colourist and the first ' modern' free lance designer for Lip.

1931 Born in Paris, december 27th.

1968 He files an application for a patent for a mechanical watch with digital time indication, which is granted in 1970 under number 1586999 in France. Baschmakoff is to design many watches later on in life.

1968 Baschmakoff contacts Fred Lip to show his work. The result is a contract with the Lip factory for several years.

1973 Designs for Kelton , a subsidiary compagny of timex. 

Rudolf Meyer

Meyer was a Swiss graphics designer, famous for his poster designs, watches, brandnames, logos for Prenatal, Banque National de Paris, Waterman and a number of other compagnies. His work attracted much attention and has been shown at approximately twenty exhibitions worldwide. His watches have been selected by the ' Gute Industrieform IF' Germany.

1943 Born in Basle (Switzerland), june 11th.

1958/63 Attends ' the Design School ' in Basle. Becomes a pupil of D.Brun, A.Hofmann et E.Ruder. 1967 Becomes lecturer and later on a professor at the ENSAD, in Paris where he teaches Graphic Design and Typographics.

1974 Becomes an independent designer. Designs a series of watches for LIP, which remains a hallmark for modern design, even twenty years after date.

1976/1977 Cartographic designs for the french railroad (SNCF). Together with M.Vignelli and R.Tallon he designs a signal system and the cartographics for the RER, the compagny that exploits the extensive underground network in Paris.

1982 Joint development with several designers of the interiors of the following Renault automibiles : R5 / R9 / R 11 / R 18 and Fuego.

Marc Held

Marc Held is a well known French designer, famous for his furniture, lighting, tableware, interior design and watches.

1932 Born in Paris, august 16th.

1960/62 Makes his first wooden furniture, strongly influenced by Swedish and Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen and H.Wegner.

1965 Interior designs for the ' Station de sports d'hiver de Avoriaz ' , a modern ski resort in France.

1967 Designs his first chair for Knoll.

1970/71 Creates a range of pieces of furniture made of glassfibre for Candilis (France) and Knoll international.

1974 Designs five watches for LIP.

Isabelle Hebey

1935 Born in Paris, june 28th.

studies Psychology, Sociology and Arts for 2 years at the ' Ecole du Louvre '.

1960/93 Decorates over five hundred private estates and apartments all over the world.

1966/90 Interior designs of an entire range of boutiques for Yves St- Laurent.

1968/75 Works for Shell International.

1970/75 Releases interior designs for the DC 10, the Concorde and the Airbus.

1974 Designs watches for LIP.

1983/84 Designs the automobile Accord, a motorbike and a logo for Honda Motors

1986 Designs the offices of M.Danielle Mitterrand, Palais de l' Elysée,Paris.

Michel Boyer

Interior designer. Teacher at the ' Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs ' ENSAD. President of the ' Société des Artistes Décorateurs '.

1935 Born in Paris, may 24th.

1969 Creates a furniture line for ' Rouve ' Paris, France.

1970 Interior decoration of the French Ambassy in Brasilia, the banque Rothschild and the Magasin ' Lanvin' in Paris.

1974 Designs watches for LIP.

1975/80 Works for Renault, Moët et Chandon, Hennessy and parfums Dior.Interior designs for Pont à Mousson, Rhône Poulenc.

1985/90 Designs for banque Paribas, Crédit Lyonnais, Eurodisney, Sheraton etc...

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